Managing projects requires View-Edit permissions.

Getting a jump on that project a little sooner than you had originally thought? Plans get hit with a delay? Is the client taking an extra week to get back to you? The  Shift Timeline feature in Forecast allows you to bulk move all of your assignments for a single project forward or backwards in time! It’s the fastest way for you to shift a set of assignments (and milestones) along the timeline. 

  1. From the Projects view of the Schedule, open the Project you’d like to adjust, using the Expand Arrow.

  2. Click the Actions Menu and choose Shift Timeline.

  3. Choose a Shift Assignments From date. This will be the point from which future assignments in your project will be moved from.

  4. Choose a To date. This is the point that all those future assignments, beginning at the From date, will now begin. You can move your project either forward or back in time, depending on which To date you choose.

  5. Choose whether or not you’d like to include Project Milestones in the shift as well. If you decide not to include milestones in the shift, they will stay on their present dates, untouched. 

  6. Click Shift Timeline.

You will be presented with a confirmation dialog outlining the exact action you are performing. If everything looks good, click Yes, Shift Timeline and you’re done!

Note: If you try to move a project back over existing entries, you’ll be notified that assignments cannot overlap, and your data will not move.

shifting timelines