Can I change the default hours my team works in a week?

Managing settings requires View-Edit permissions.

Yes, you can either change the default number of hours per week (capacity) for everyone on the account or customize it per person. You can also change which days of the week individual people are available to work (work days). Forecast divides a person’s capacity across their work days, which ensures that the daily heat map displays the person’s availability accurately.

Change the default capacity for everyone

To change the default capacity for everyone in Forecast, navigate to Settings (upper right corner) and select your desired number of hours per week from the Default Capacity dropdown. Capacity can be set in 0.5 hour increments.

hours per week

Note that if any individual’s capacity has already been changed away from the default (see below), changing this default will not update their customized capacity. This preserves the customization you’ve already specified for that person.

Change the capacity for a specific person

This is useful for distinguishing people such as part-time employees and contractors whose weekly hours differ from the rest of the team. To change the capacity for an individual, bring up the Edit Person form by heading to the Team Schedule View and clicking Actions > Edit below the person’s name when their schedule is expanded. You can also bring up this menu by going to Manage > Team and clicking on the person’s name. Then, adjust their Capacity and save your changes.

hours per week

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