Analyzing Your Team’s Time

The Team Schedule makes your team’s workload visual. It’s a color-coded display of each person’s schedule, availability, overbookings, and time off that we call the heat map. This bird’s-eye view can help you make decisions to reassign time, extend or shorten a project’s time frame, or even hire new people.

You can get to your Team View by heading to the Schedule, then clicking the Team button in the top left of your screen.


Choosing a Heat Map View

Forecast offers two different options for analyzing your team’s time. Use the Heat Map Toggle at the top of the Team Schedule to view the heat map either by Daily Availability or Weekly Capacity. Choose the view the best suits your needs!


Daily Availability

You can view your team’s daily availability by clicking the Heat Map Toggle and selecting Daily Availability from the dropdown menu.

When selected, this view will show you the number of hours per day a person is available or overbooked. This view is best used to locate available hours to schedule more specific tasks on a daily basis.


Weekly Capacity

You can view your team’s weekly capacity by clicking the Heat Map Toggle and selecting Weekly Capacity from the dropdown menu.

When selected, this view will show you the total number of hours a person is booked for a given week. It also shows a capacity percentage—that is, the person’s total scheduled hours for that week divided by their total capacity. This is best used if you plan by weekly assignments, or if you’re trying to answer high-level questions about your team’s overall availability and health.


Analyzing the Heat Map

The colors of the heat map change as time is assigned to a person—the darker the shade, the more hours assigned. The colors used are the same for both heat map views.

  • Green means that a person’s schedule is in the clear—they’re not overbooked. The darker the green, the fuller a person’s schedule. You can customize each person’s default number of hours for the week, as well as the days of the week they’re available to work. We use these to measure a person’s daily availability.


  • Red means a person is overbooked. You’d better reassign that time!


  • Black indicates a person has enough Time Off scheduled to be off for their whole day.


  • Gray with red stripes indicates a person’s Time Off conflicts with an assignment. You should probably edit their schedule to fix that conflict.


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