Viewing and Navigating Your Schedule

Expanding And Collapsing Your Schedule

From your schedule’s Projects View, click the downward arrow next to a project to expand it and see all of its related assignments. 

expand a project

Additionally, clicking the Expand All arrows (double downward arrows on the gray bar beneath the navigation menu) will expand all of your projects at once.

expand all projects

Similarly, from your schedule’s Team View, you can expand the details for a single person’s assignments using the Expand arrow, or use the Expand All arrows to expand the details for everyone. 

An expanded view allows you to:

  • See all assignments related to the expanded record.
  • Create new assignments.
  • Edit the expanded record using the Edit link.

Once you’ve expanded a view, the Expand or Expand all arrows will become Collapse (single upward arrow) or Collapse All arrows (double upward arrows), and clicking them will roll up your information.

Navigating between weeks on the Schedule page will be essential for planning into the future, while always keeping an eye on the present. To navigate between weeks, simply click the Navigation Arrows at the top of your Schedule page. You can always click the This Week button to jump to the current week as well.


The week you are on will always appear in the leftmost part of your Schedule page, with following weeks displayed to the right.

Multi-Zoom View

Zooming out allows you to see more weeks or months on the schedule at once, for a bird’s-eye view of your company’s forecasted assignments. Simply click the Zoom Out (-) button at the top of your Schedule page. To return to the original schedule view, click the Zoom In (+) button. Your schedule will function the same whether you’re zoomed in or out, so you can still assign time, resize, drag, and split assignments, add and edit milestones, etc. in either view. 


Note: The number of weeks or months visible on the schedule depends on the size of your browser window.

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