Managing Non-work Days

Managing settings requires View-Edit permissions.

By default, each person in your Forecast account has Monday through Friday set up as work days and Saturday and Sunday set up as non-work days. However, if you have part-time workers, freelancers, contractors, or team members who work on the weekend, you can change the days of the week they work. This is different from scheduling time off for your team members on days they usually work, which you can learn more about here.

Forecast will evenly divide a person’s weekly capacity across their work days so the daily heat map displays that person’s availability accurately. If you need to change someone’s capacity, this article has more information on how to do that.

Change the days of the week a person works

To change the days a person is available to work, head to the Team Schedule View, click their name, and click Actions Menu > Edit to bring up the Edit Person form. You can also do this by going to Manage > Team and clicking on their name.

Next to Work Days, click a day to turn it on or off, then save your changes. On the schedule, gray hashing will appear on a person’s non-work days.

Create assignments on non-work days

Assignments that span a non-work day won’t include scheduled hours for that day. In the schedule, the assignment will appear “behind” the non-work day hashing.

An assignment that spans a non-work day, showing the assignment's colored bar appearing behind the gray hashing

If you create a single-day assignment on a non-work day or a multi-day assignment that starts on a non-work day, you’ll need to confirm that you want to schedule on the non-work day(s). The time scheduled on non-work days in these assignments will count toward the person’s weekly capacity.

An assignment scheduled on a non-work day, showing the assignment's colored bar appearing in front of the gray hashing

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