Every Monday morning, we’ll send users with View and Edit permissions a weekly digest email, reporting information about your Forecast account from a high-level. It’ll offer a quick overview of the scheduled workload this week and the coming weeks.

It will include the following:

  • Weekly Capacity for this week and the next three weeks (how much of your team’s total capacity is currently scheduled)
  • Over capacity for individuals for the current week and the next three weeks
  • Placeholders assigned this week and the next three weeks
  • New projects starting this week and the next three weeks
  • New team members added to Forecast within the last week
  • Upcoming days the entire team is scheduled to have Time Off
  • The number of active Team members and active Projects in your account


Not interested in the digest? No problem! There’s a link in the footer of the email that will allow you to unsubscribe with a single click. You can also edit your settings within Forecast to unsubscribe or resubscribe with the Email me a weekly digest of the schedule checkbox. Anyone on the team with View and Edit permissions can unsubscribe or resubscribe in the same way.