Scheduling time off requires View-Edit permissions.

The Time Off project lets you schedule just what you’d think—time off! This can include vacations days, holidays, sick days, doctor’s appointment, or any other time out of the office. Scheduled Time Off will show in the heat map on the Team View, and if the person is off for the whole day, it will show in other projects on the Projects View.

Note: The Time Off project cannot be archived or deleted.

Scheduling Time Off

time off

  1. Head to the Schedule, then click the Projects button to see the Project View (this is your default view, so you may already be here!).
  2. Click the expand arrow that appears to the right of Time Off. If the arrow points up, the view is already expanded.
  3. Click into the Assign Person dropdown menu or click directly on the timeline to add Time Off for someone.
  4. If the person is not off the whole day, un-check the “All Day” option and add the number of hours that person is off. Confirm your dates and add any notes for the assignment (it’s helpful to see why this person is off). You can also choose whether you’d like the assignment to repeat (e.g., for a part-time employee who works some half-days).
  5. Click Save Assignment.

Company-Wide Time Off

Holiday? Office closure? Company-wide meeting? You can add a Time Off assignment by following steps 1-2 above, then selecting Everyone in the Assign Person dropdown. An Everyone assignment will add time off for everyone in the company at once, with the exception of Placeholders.

Note: A company-wide time off assignment can only be edited from the Projects View, and not on a per-person basis.

Editing and Deleting Time Off

Follow steps 1–2 above and click on the Time Off assignment to open its editing options. Then do one of the following: 

  • Make any changes you’d like, then click Update.
  • If you’d like to delete the assignment, click the Delete option in the lower right hand corner.
  • If you’d like to move the time off to another person, select the team member from the Person dropdown menu and click Update to save your changes.

Note: You can also add or edit assignments to the Time Off Project from the Team Schedule. You can get there by going to the Schedule, then clicking the Team button in the top left of the page.