Setting Permissions

Managing people requires View-Edit permissions.

There are two levels of permissions for people you’ve invited to Forecast: View Only and View and Edit. Keep in mind, you can also have a profile for someone who hasn’t been invited to Forecast. In this case, the person can’t access Forecast at all. 

View Only

People with View Only permissions cannot make any edits, but they can sign in and see your company’s schedule. This includes all schedules across all projects, helping to keep project schedules open and transparent. They can also see notes associated to projects and assignments.

They don’t have access to the Projects, Clients, or Team Page, or to Account Settings.

View and Edit

People with View and Edit permissions have access to see and edit everything within your account.

Setting Permissions

You can set a person’s permissions in one of two places: from your schedule’s Team View or on your Team Page. You must have View and Edit permissions in order to make any changes. 

To set permissions from the Team View:

  1. Head to Schedule > Team (top left of the page).teamview

  2. Click the Add or Invite Person button that appears in the bottom left of your screen.

  3. Enter the Person’s first name, last name, email address, roles, and capacity. editperson

  4. Then click the dropdown menu beside Invite this person to sign in and…. Select the permission to View and Edit or to View Only.

  5. Click Save Person. If you want this person to be able to sign in and use your Forecast account, be sure that you check the box to invite this person.

To set permissions from your Team Page:

  1. Head to Manage > Team.

  2. Click the green Add or Invite Person button.

  3. Follow steps 3–5 above.

Changing Permissions

If you have the permission to edit, you can change another person’s permissions at any time. To do that, simply edit a person’s profile. In the edit form, you’ll see the dropdown menu to change the person’s permissions. Make your change, then click Update.

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