Editing People

Managing people requires View-Edit permissions.

From the schedule, you can edit a person’s roles, permission level, capacity, name and email address, and days of the week they’re available to work. You can also Archive or Delete them from the account.

How to edit someone’s profile:

  1. Head to your Schedule, then click the Team button.


  2. Click the downward-pointing expand arrow that appears to the right of a person’s name.


  3. Click the Actions menu below the person’s name.


  4. From there, you can choose to Archive or Delete the person.
  5. Otherwise, click Edit to add or remove roles, select a different permission level, or change the default hours and days of the week the person is available. If you’re editing your own profile or the profile of someone who has not yet signed in, you can also change the name and email address. 
    • Note: Changing a person’s name or email address in Forecast will not automatically update the name or email address in Harvest. To update a person’s name or email address in both Forecast and Harvest, the person needing the change can edit their own Harvest ID profile from https://id.getharvest.com as described in this article.
  6. Click Update to save your changes.

Note: You can also edit people from the Team page. Head to Manage > Team and click any person’s name to edit their profile.

Editing a team member’s name or email address

If the person has not been invited to the account or has not yet accepted the invitation, you can edit their name and email address following the steps listed above.

When a team member has previously signed in to Forecast, their name and email address will be locked to editing by any other View-Edit team member. A person can always edit their own name and email address from https://id.getharvest.com, but if another View-Edit team member needs to make the change instead, the following steps will allow that:

  1. Click Manage > Team and then click on the person’s name.
  2. Uncheck the setting that says This person can sign in and… and click Update Person.
  3. Click into the same person’s profile again and edit the name or email address as needed.
  4. Once the new information is entered, check the box for the setting Invite this person to sign in and…, and make sure the correct permission level (View Only or View-Edit) is chosen from the dropdown.
  5. Click Update Person.

The team member will receive a new invitation to access the Forecast account at their updated email address.

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