Sometimes you know you have work for your team to do, but don’t yet know who’ll do it—that’s where Placeholders come in.

Placeholders can be assigned to projects, just like people. You can assign time to a Placeholder when you’re unsure who will be working on a project, or if your team is already too busy. Simply reassign that time to a specific person later. This makes Placeholders useful both for planning new business, and knowing when it’s time to hire.

Adding Placeholders

Placeholders can be added in two ways:

  • From Schedule > Team, simply click the Add Placeholder button at the bottom of the page.
  • From Manage > Placeholders, click Add Placeholder.

How should I set up a Placeholder?

Typically, a Placeholder aligns with certain roles you regularly need on your projects. For example, if you often need designers on projects, you could name a Placeholder “Designer.”

Assigning roles to Placeholders can also be helpful. For example, the Designer Placeholder could be assigned the Designer role, too. Then, if you filter your Team Schedule to see everyone with the Designer role, you’ll see the Placeholder along with your other design teammates.

When should I assign time to a Placeholder?

We recommend assigning time to a Placeholder when you’re not sure who will be working on a project, or if your team is at full capacity that week.

For example, you might be scheduling an upcoming project, and your team might be busy when the project is supposed to start. You could assign the project to Placeholders while you decide if you can free up someone’s time, need to hire, or need to move the project’s start date.

Or, perhaps you’re not yet sure who should be working on one aspect of the project. By assigning that time to a Placeholder instead of a specific person for now, you can figure out who should be working on the project at a later time.

Using Placeholders

You can assign time to a Placeholder the same way you assign time to people. However, there are some things you should know:

  • When assigning time from the Assign Person dropdown, Placeholders will appear at the bottom of the list, below your team.
  • On the Team Schedule, Placeholders are always grouped above your team.
  • Time assignments for Placeholders have yellow bars on them (indicating that the work is tentative), so they’re easy to spot!
  • You cannot assign time off to Placeholders.
  • You have a limited number of Placeholders in your account.

Reassigning Placeholder time to a person

When you’ve decided who should be scheduled to the assignments being held by a Placeholder, you can move the scheduled time to that person.

  1. Click into the placeholder assignment.
  2. From the edit assignment form, click the Person dropdown and select the person you’d like to move the placeholder assignment to.
  3. Click Update on the form and the assignment will be moved.

Archiving and Deleting Placeholders

Archiving Placeholders

Archiving a Placeholder will remove it from your Schedule and place them on the Archived Placeholders page. All data remains intact, and you can restore the Placeholder at any time.

  1. Head to the Schedule, then click the Team button.
  2. Click the downward-pointing Expand arrow that appears to the right of a Placeholder’s name. If the arrow points up, you’ve already expanded your view and can skip this step.
  3. Click the Actions menu and select Archive.

Once a Placeholder is archived, all of their assignments will become uneditable. You’ll need to restore the Placeholder in order to edit the assignments again. Before archiving the Placeholder, you may want to delete any of its future scheduled assignments or reassign them to people in your account.

Deleting Placeholders

If you’d like to permanently remove a Placeholder and all of its data from your account, then you can delete it. Deleting is irreversible—it will erase the Placeholder and all of its scheduled time, and it will not be recoverable. To delete a Placeholder, follow steps 1–2 above for archiving a Placeholder. Then:

  1. Click the Actions menu and select Delete.
  2. Type YOLO to confirm, and click Delete.

Note: You can also archive and delete people from your Placeholders page. Just head to Manage > Placeholders and click on the Placeholder you’d like to edit. Then click the Actions menu to select Archive or Delete.

Restoring Placeholders

To restore an archived Placeholder:

  1. Go to Manage > Placeholders.
  2. Click the View Archived Placeholders button. You’ll be taken to a list of your archived Placeholders.
  3. Click Restore next to the archived Placeholder’s name, and they will be moved back to your list of active Placeholders!