Assigning Roles To Your Team

Managing roles requires View-Edit permissions.

Roles are assigned to people or placeholders on your team. You can filter your Team Schedule by role to help you stay organized and focused while planning.

Each person or placeholder in Forecast can be assigned any number of roles. Some examples of roles include “Designer”, “Manager”, “Strategist”, etc. Roles can be anything you’d like, such as a team or department, if the person is “Junior” or “Senior”, their location, favorite ice cream flavor—anything that will make filtering the schedule easier for your team. 

Assigning Roles

You can assign roles when you add a person or placeholder to your account.

You can also assign roles to an existing person or placeholder from their profile:

  1. To assign a role to a team member, go to Manage > Team and click the person’s name. For a placeholder, go to Manage > Placeholders and click the name of the placeholder.
  2. Type in the name of the role in the Roles field. If the role already exists, we’ll display it as you type for you to select. If it doesn’t, simply hit Enter to add a new role.

    assigning roles tags

  3. Click Update Person.

If you want to add multiple people to the same role, you can do that faster from Manage > Roles.

Removing Roles

If you want to remove a role from a person or placeholder, you can simply click the X beside the tag when editing. This can also be done from the Roles page.

Managing Roles

You can add, edit, or delete roles from Manage > Roles.

While we recommend adding roles to your team from the Schedule, this Roles page works well if you want to add or assign many roles at once.

Adding New Roles

  1. Click the green New Role button.
  2. Enter the name of the role in the Role Name field.
  3. Check the box for each person you want assigned that role.
  4. Click Save Role.

Editing Roles

  1. Click on a role from the list.
  2. Update the role name, or add or remove people from the role.
  3. Click Update Role.

Deleting Roles

  1. Click on a role from the list.
  2. Click Delete in the lower right corner, next to the trash can icon.
  3. Deleting a role is permanent and will remove the role from all people. There’s no undo, so type YOLO to confirm.
  4. Click Delete.

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