Managing people requires View-Edit permissions.

Need to remove a person from your account? No problem! You have two options: archiving and deleting.

Note: We do not automatically adjust your payment plan when you archive or delete users. If you archive or delete a user, you must also adjust your payment plan.

Archiving People

If you’d like to retain all of a person’s data—scheduled time, roles, email address, etc.—you should archive them. 

Archiving a person will remove them from your Schedule View and Team Page and place them on the Archived People page. All data remains intact, and you can restore the person at any time.

  1. Head to the Schedule, then click the Team button.


  2. Click the downward-pointing Expand arrow that appears to the right of a person’s name. If the arrow points up, you’ve already expanded your view and can skip this step.


  3. Click the Actions menu and select Archive.


Once a person is archived, all of their assignments will become uneditable. You’ll need to restore the person in order to edit their assignments again. Before archiving a person, you may want to delete any future scheduled assignments they have on a project.

Restoring People

To restore an archived person, go to Manage > Team. Then click the View Archived People button and you’ll be taken to a list of your archived people. 


Click Restore next to the archived person’s name, and they will be moved back to your list of active people!

If you’d like the person to be able to sign in to the account, you’ll need to invite them, even if they had the ability to sign in before they were archived. To send them an invitation, head to Manage > Team. Click the person’s name, check the box beside the option to invite them, select their permissions, and click Update.

Deleting People

If you’d like to permanently remove a person and all of their data from your account, then you can delete them. Deleting is irreversible, and will erase the person, all of their profile information, and all of their scheduled time, and it will not be recoverable.

To delete a person, follow steps 1–3 above for archiving a person. Then:

  1. Click the Actions menu and select Delete. actionsdelete
  2. Type YOLO to confirm, and click Delete.

Note: You can also archive and delete people from your Team Page. Just head to Manage > Team and click on the person you’d like to edit. Then simply click the Action menu to select Archive or Delete.