Managing projects requires View-Edit permissions.

Archiving Projects

Archiving old projects is a great way to keep your schedule clean and focused. Archiving removes a project from your Schedule view and Projects page and places it in your Archived Projects page. Once a project has been archived, all of its data remains intact, and you have the option to restore it at any time.

To archive a project:

  1. Head to the Schedule. You’ll be dropped right into the Projects View.

  2. Click the downward-pointing Expand Arrow that appears to the right of a project name. If the arrow points up, you’ve already expanded your view and you can skip this step.


  3. Click the Actions menu to the bottom left of your Project name.actionsarchive
  4. Select Archive.

Restoring Projects

To restore an archived project, click View Archived Projects from the Projects page, and you’ll be taken to a list of your archived projects.

Click Restore next to the archived project’s name, and it will be moved back to your list of active projects.

Deleting Projects

If you have a project you want to remove completely, you can delete it. Deleting will permanently remove a project and all of its time assignments. If you delete a project, we do NOT retain its data. It’s gone forever, and will not be recoverable whatsoever.

To delete a project, follow steps 1–3 above for archiving a project. Then:

  1. Click the Actions menu and select Delete.actionsdelete
  2. Type YOLO to confirm your deletion, then click Delete.

Note: You can also archive and delete projects from your Projects Page. Just head to your Manage > Projects. Click into any project, then click the Actions menu to select Archive or Delete.