Future Scheduled Hours are the number of hours scheduled on a project from the current date through the end of the project.

When looking at the Projects section of your schedule, click the clock icon in the title bar to view the Future Scheduled Hours in your Forecast account. You’ll see the Future Scheduled Hours for each project as a whole, and when a project is expanded, you’ll see the number of hours scheduled for each person assigned to the project.


Future Scheduled Hours will update in real time as you add and remove assignments from your Projects, always keeping the team up to date on how many hours are left to work on the project, both on the whole and on a per-person basis.

Note: The Future Scheduled Hours numbers aren’t affected by navigating the schedule.

Remaining Budgeted Hours

If your Forecast account is linked to a Harvest account, the remaining hourly budgets from your projects in Harvest will appear below a project’s Future Scheduled Hours.

With this piece of insight, you’ll be able to quickly assess a project’s current plan and, if necessary, make adjustments on the fly. If you have more Future Scheduled Hours than what remains in your budget, you may need to tighten things up a bit! Conversely, if you’ve got a little wiggle room in your budget, you can add some additional design time to give the project that extra coat of polish.

The comparison between your remaining budgeted hours and your scheduled hours gives you up to date insights on your works in progress, and Future Scheduled Hours are just the first step in using both Harvest and Forecast to run your projects more effectively.