View-Only - Navigating the Schedule


In the Projects View, projects are sorted alphabetically by Client. In the Team View, placeholders are grouped together at the top of your schedule, and then team members are sorted alphabetically by first name.

Time Off

The Time Off project can include vacation days, holidays, sick days, doctor’s appointments, or any other time out of the office. Scheduled Time Off will show in the heat map on the Team View, and if the person is off for the whole day, it will show in other projects on the Projects View.


Milestones are any significant points of a project’s development. These can include things like meetings, phase ends, and completion dates. They help you keep a project on schedule by clearly displaying important days.

Milestones are applied to a project’s assignment bar. This makes them easy to see at a quick glance.

Future Scheduled Hours

You can click the clock icon at the top of the Projects View to open the Future Scheduled Hours column. Future Scheduled Hours are the number of hours scheduled on a project from the current date through the end of the project. If your team’s account is linked to a Harvest account, you may see numbers in gray as well—these are the remaining budgeted hours for the project left in its hours-based budget in Harvest.

Viewing Your Schedule in a Calendar App

You can enable a calendar feed that will sync your Forecast assignments to your favorite calendar app. Keep your assignments, meetings, and appointments all in one place for easy review.

Expanding and Collapsing Your Schedule

From your schedule’s Projects View, click the downward arrow next to a project to expand it and see all of its related assignments.


Additionally, clicking the Expand All arrows (double downward arrows on the gray bar beneath the navigation menu) will expand all of the projects at once.

Expand All

Similarly, from your schedule’s Team View, you can expand the details for a single person’s assignments using the Expand arrow, or use the Expand All arrows to expand the details for everyone.

Once you’ve expanded a view, the Expand or Expand all arrows will become Collapse (single upward arrow) or Collapse All arrows (double upward arrows), and clicking them will roll up your information.

To navigate between weeks, click the Navigation Arrows at the top of your Schedule page. You can always click the This Week button to jump to the current week as well.

This Week

The week you are on will always appear in the leftmost part of your Schedule page, with following weeks displayed to the right.

Multi-Zoom View

Zooming out allows you to see more weeks or months on the schedule at once, for a bird’s-eye view of your company’s forecasted assignments. Simply click the Zoom Out (-) button at the top of your Schedule page. To return to the original schedule view, click the Zoom In (+) button.

Note: The number of weeks or months visible on the schedule depends on the size of your browser window.

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