View-Only - Getting Started

Welcome to the View-Only section of the Forecast Help Center! This section has only information that’s relevant to your particular permission level, so you don’t need to browse through everything else.

How do I know whether I have View-Only permissions?

If you’re only in Forecast to see your team’s schedule but not create assignments for others, you most likely have View-Only permissions. If you want to make sure, check the top menu bar in your Forecast account. If your team name is present but there’s no option to Manage, then you have View-Only permissions.

View Only menu bar

What can I do with View-Only permissions?

As a View-Only teammate, you can sign in and see your company’s schedule. This includes all schedules across all projects and teammates, helping to keep project schedules open and transparent. You can also see notes associated with projects and assignments. You can read more about how to do all of this in the detailed articles listed to the right.

What else should I know about using Forecast?

Signing in

When you’re invited to join your team’s account, you’ll receive an invitation email. After accepting the invitation, you can sign in at any time from You can learn more in this article about accessing Forecast.

Your profile

Click your name at the top right of your account and select My Profile to access Harvest ID, which is our authentication system. This section of the Harvest Help Center has more details about Harvest ID, switching between multiple accounts, changing your password, and account security.

Still have questions?

Besides the information in the other articles listed to the right, check out the FAQ section for answers to some common questions—or click the Contact Us button below to send us a message!

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