Upgrading Your Account

Upgrading requires View-Edit permissions.

Once you’ve decided to upgrade your Forecast trial, click the Upgrade button in the header of your account to be taken to our upgrade page.

billing information

You can choose to pay on a monthly basis, or save 10% if you pay for a whole year. The price for your Forecast plan will depend on the number of team members you have in your Forecast account, regardless of their access level. Click here to read more about Forecast pricing.

Choose a Billing Cycle and enter the number of people you need to schedule, then enter your Billing Address, Receipt Recipient, and Payment Details. Finally, click Upgrade. You will be charged only after submitting this form.

If you imported sample people from a Harvest trial account, please manually archive or delete them from your Forecast account before upgrading. Otherwise, the system will require paid user seats for them.

If you have more people in an expired trial than you need in your paid account, please drop us a line at support@forecastapp.com. We’ll be happy to help out!

Still have questions? We’re happy to help!

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