I can sign in to Harvest ID but can’t access one of my Harvest or Forecast accounts. What’s happening?

If you use multiple accounts but can’t access one or more of them, they most likely use different email addresses and are associated with different Harvest IDs. To merge them into one Harvest ID, please see this FAQ; otherwise, you’ll need to sign out of one and sign in to the other or use different browsers to stay signed in to the different accounts at the same time.

If you don’t have access to any of the accounts you were expecting to, first double check that you’ve signed in with the correct email address. You might have accidentally signed in using an email address associated with an old expired trial rather than your currently active account, for example.

If you’re using the right email address and you still don’t see the account you’re trying to access, you may have been archived from it. Please contact another user with Administrator permissions in Harvest or view and edit permissions in Forecast to inquire about this.

In the case of Forecast, one more possibility is that you’ve been added to the account so you can be scheduled but haven’t been invited to sign in to view the schedule. If you should be able to access the account so you can view or edit the schedule, please contact a user with view and edit permissions who can invite you.

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