How do I reset my password?

To change your password, go to the  Security section of your Harvest ID account. To reach that section from a Forecast account, click your name at the top right and select My Profile

From the Harvest ID  Security section, click the green Change My Password button. You’ll receive a password reset email with a link you can follow to set a new password.

Note that if you want to reset your password because of suspected unauthorized access to your Harvest ID, we recommend that you instead click the link to  sign out everywhere. This will immediately end all of your active sessions and automatically send a password reset link to your email; please follow that link right away to change your password and prevent others from accessing your account.

If you’ve forgotten your password and can’t sign in to Harvest ID, head to and click the Forgot your password? link, then enter your email address and click the Send Link button. You’ll receive a password reset email with a link you can follow to set a new password.

If you’ve requested a password reset email but haven’t received it, there are a few possible reasons:

  • When requesting a password reset email via the Forgot Your Password? link, you entered an email address that doesn’t have a Harvest ID. It’s not unusual for people to forget that they originally signed up using their private address instead of their company address, for example, or a generic address at their domain (info@ or hello@, etc.) instead of their individual one. Make sure that you’re entering the email address associated with your Harvest/Forecast accounts and that there aren’t any typos.
  • The email went to your spam folder or was otherwise filtered. Check your junk mail or search for emails sent from to see whether it arrived successfully but was sent somewhere besides your main inbox.
  • The email has been queued for delivery, which means that your email provider or IT department is blocking or delaying emails from us. Check in with them and ask them to add to their whitelist of approved senders.

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