The company object

Attribute Type Description
base_uri string The Harvest URL for the company.
full_domain string The Harvest domain for the company.
name string The name of the company.
is_active boolean Whether the company is active or archived.
week_start_day string The week day used as the start of the week. Returns one of: Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.
wants_timestamp_timers boolean Whether time is tracked via duration or start and end times.
time_format string The format used to display time in Harvest. Returns either decimal or hours_minutes.
plan_type string The type of plan the company is on. Examples: trial, free, or simple-v4
clock string Used to represent whether the company is using a 12-hour or 24-hour clock. Returns either 12h or 24h.
decimal_symbol string Symbol used when formatting decimals.
thousands_separator string Separator used when formatting numbers.
color_scheme string The color scheme being used in the Harvest web client.
expense_feature boolean Whether the expense module is enabled.
invoice_feature boolean Whether the invoice module is enabled.
estimate_feature boolean Whether the estimate module is enabled.
approval_feature boolean Whether the approval module is enabled.

Retrieve a company

Retrieves the company for the currently authenticated user. Returns a company object and a 200 OK response code.

GET /v2/company

Example Request:

curl "" \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN" \
  -H "Harvest-Account-Id: $ACCOUNT_ID" \
  -H "User-Agent: MyApp ("

Example Response:

  "name":"API Examples",