OAuth 2.0 Authentication

The OAuth 2.0 standard provides your users with a secure way to access Harvest data without providing sensitive information like usernames and passwords.

Registering Your Application

You’ll need to register your application with Harvest (you must be logged in as an Administrator on your account to access this page) before using OAuth 2.0 for authorization. After you register, we’ll provide you with credentials that your application can use to communicate with Harvest.

To register your application, please visit: https://YOURACCOUNT.harvestapp.com/oauth2/clients

Note: The OAuth 2.0 Sample App is a great starting point if you’d like to experiment with Harvest’s OAuth 2.0 using your own registered client ID and secret.

Access Token

Access tokens allow your application to communicate with Harvest on behalf of your users. Each user is granted a token which expires in 18 hours.

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