Managing people requires View-Edit permissions.

Team Tags help you organize and filter your schedule in the Team View.

Each person in Forecast can be assigned any number of Team Tags. You can create tags for anything you’d like. We recommend tagging people with their skill set, team, department, location, favorite ice cream flavor—anything that will make filtering the schedule easier for your team. 

You can assign Team Tags when you create or edit a person. Simply type in the name of any tag you’d like to create in the Tags field.


If the Team Tag already exists, we’ll display it as you type. A person can have as many tags as you’d like. If you want to remove a Team Tag from a person, you can simply click the X beside the tag when editing that person’s profile.

There’s no need to worry about managing your Team Tags. If a tag isn’t being used, we’ll delete it automatically. You can simply recreate it whenever you need it again.