Why don’t I see the option to turn on the Timesheet Approval module in my trial account?

Timesheet approval is available to plans with five or more users. If you don’t see it, it’s likely you specified your team was one to four users when you created your trial. Not to worry, though—just drop us a line and we’ll adjust things for you!

I’m reducing my user count and switching to the Solo Plan. Will I still be able to approve timesheets?

Timesheet approval isn’t available on the Solo Plan, so make sure you approve—or withdraw approval from—timesheets as necessary before downgrading your account.

I submitted my timesheet; why can’t I add my time for today?

Approving a timesheet locks all the entries for that calendar week. If you’ve accidentally submitted your timesheet midweek and it’s already been approved, a project manager or administrator will need to withdraw approval in order to allow you to add more entries.

Can a project manager approve an entire timesheet if it includes projects they don’t manage?

If a user is working on several different projects with different project managers, each project manager will only be able to approve their own projects. If you see a user’s timesheet that has some locked entries and some unlocked entries and you’re not sure why, be sure to check whether the projects have different project managers!

Can time and expenses be approved separately?

Time and expenses are both considered parts of a timesheet and will be approved together.