Each person in Harvest has a profile that contains information about them. Profiles have four sections: Projects, Basic Info, Notifications, and Security.

Administrators in Harvest can view and edit their own and other people’s profiles, while project managers and regular users can only view/edit their own profiles. When viewing another person’s profile, you won’t see the Notifications section, and if the person hasn’t accepted their invitation to Harvest yet, the Security section will show as Resend Invitation.

How to View a Profile

To view your own profile:

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner of Harvest.
  2. Click My Profile.

To view another user’s profile as an administrator:

  1. From Team, click on a person to view their Person Page.
  2. Click Edit Profile (upper right corner).

Once in a profile, you can navigate to Projects, Basic Info, and Security from the menu on the left.


In the Projects section of a person’s user profile, non-administrators can see which projects they’re assigned to, and administrators can manage other people’s project assignments.

How to Assign Projects as an Administrator

  1. From the user profile, click Projects (left).
  2. Click into the search bar at the top of the page to search for and select the projects you want to assign.
    • To add someone to all current projects, click Assign to all projects at the bottom of the search menu. This will also automatically assign the person to all new projects created in the future, but you can disable this option after you click Assign Projects.
  3. Click Assign Projects.

To remove someone from a project, simply click the X next to the project name. Removing someone from a project won’t delete time or expenses they’ve tracked to that project.

Basic Info

In the Basic Info section of a person’s profile, you can edit your personal details, or other people’s details if you’re an administrator. Here’s what’s included under Basic Info:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Roles (Only admins can view/edit)
  • Capacity (Only admins can view/edit)
  • Billable Rate (Only admins can view/edit)
  • Cost Rate (Only admins can view/edit)
  • Permissions (Only admins can view/edit)
  • Timezone
  • Photo
  • Notifications: timesheet submission emails (Admins and project managers will see this option in other people’s profiles only if Timesheet Approval is turned on for the account)


Roles are descriptors for your teammates and allow you to specify what role each person plays in your company: Designer, Manager, Copywriter, etc. If you enter roles for your teammates, you can filter your Team section, detailed time reports (Reports > Detailed Time), and expense reports (Reports > Expense) by role.


This is a handy feature if you have people working in different parts of the world, as it allows people to track time in their own timezone. If you’re in New York City at 10 am and your employee in London is tracking time at the same time, their entry will show that it’s 3 pm, since that’s their local time. The timezone will default to your account’s setting, but team members will be given the option to set a timezone when they accept their invitation to the account.

Uploading a Photo

Employee and contractor photos appear in the Team report under Reports > Time and on project analysis pages. To add a photo for someone:

  1. From the user profile, click Basic Info (left).
  2. Under Photo, click Choose File and upload a photo. We recommend that the photo size be 100 X 100 pixels.
  3. Click Save.

Editing Another Person’s Name or Email

Administrators in Harvest have the ability to change another person’s first and last names, as well as their email address. Some things to note:

  • Updating the name of a user will change that user’s Harvest ID settings and will affect all accounts that person is a part of. They’ll receive an email notification that their name has changed, letting them know which Harvest and Forecast accounts are affected.
  • Updating the email address of a user will create a new Harvest ID for that user and won’t affect any other Harvest or Forecast accounts that the prior email is a part of. They’ll receive an invitation at their new email address and should sign out of all their Harvest and Forecast accounts before accepting the new invitation. Once they’ve done that, they’ll be able to sign in to Harvest again.

To update another person’s name or email, administrators can:

  1. From the user profile, click Basic Info (left).
  2. Edit the First Name, Last Name, and/or Email field, and click Update Info.


In the Notifications section of your own profile, you can manage the notifications we send to you. You won’t see this section in other people’s profiles.

Time Tracking Reminders

Need some help remembering to track your time? When you enable time tracking reminders, we’ll send you a notification if you haven’t tracked anything by the time you choose on the day(s) you select. These reminders are flexible based on how you track your time:

  • If you track time every day as you go, you may want to set up reminders for when you normally start working.
  • If you track time every day before you leave, you might want to set up reminders before you’re usually done for the day.
  • If you track time all at once at the end of the week, you can set a reminder either for right before you leave on Friday, or in the morning when you start work on Monday.

You can choose to receive time tracking reminders by email or as browser notifications.

Time Tracking Reminders

Browser notifications are only available when using the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. If Pop up notifications on my computer is checked but you still aren’t receiving browser notifications, check your browser preferences to make sure they’re allowed for Harvest.

We’ll send reminders based on the timezone you set in the Basic Info tab. We recommend tracking time every day—it’s the best way to ensure that your timekeeping is consistent and accurate!

Other Notifications

Here, you can opt in to receive emails when people submit timesheets for projects you manage (if Timesheet Approval is turned on for the account). You can also choose to hear from us occasionally when we share updates, tips, and interesting stories related to Harvest.

Security/Resend Invitation

All users who have signed into Harvest will have a Security section. If you’re an administrator looking at another user’s profile and they haven’t signed into Harvest for the first time, it will display as Resend Invitation instead.

Changing Your Password

  1. Click your name in the top right corner of Harvest and select My Profile.
  2. Under the Security tab, click Change Your Password. This will take you to the Security section of your Harvest ID.
  3. Click the green Change My Password button.
  4. You’ll receive a password reset email with a link you can follow to set a new password.

Viewing Authorized Applications

In the Security tab of your profile, you can also view any Harvest and third-party apps you’ve signed in to. If you need to revoke access to any of those apps for any reason, you can click the Revoke Access button.

What Administrators See in Another User’s Security/Resend Invitation Section

Administrators can’t see anyone else’s password. Instead, they’ll see a Reset Password button that will send the user instructions on how to reset their password. If the user hasn’t signed in to Harvest yet, administrators will see a Resend Invitations button.