There are three types of users—regular users, project managers, and administrators. All permissions can be changed from Team. To view/change permissions:

  1. Head over to Team.
  2. Click on a person’s name to view their Person Page, and then click Edit Profile (upper right corner).
  3. Go to Basic Info (left menu) and look for the Permissions settings.
  4. If you make any changes, be sure to click Update Info.

Regular Users – Basic Permissions

Any person you add in Harvest starts as a regular user, unless you manually changed their permissions when you added them to your account. A regular user can:

  • Track time.
  • Record expenses.
  • See reports of their own time and expenses.

Regular Users – Additional Permissions

By default, regular users don’t see projects they’re assigned to in the Projects section of their account (they can still track time to them, though). If you’d like regular users to see a project’s analysis page and get insights into its budget, you can set that up on a per-project basis.

When creating or editing a project, administrators and project managers can select Show project report to everyone on the project in the Permissions section. Click the What will people see? link next to each option to view the table shown below.


If this option is selected, regular users will see the project in their Projects section. From its analysis page, they’ll be able to see the project’s total hours and how that compares to the budget. They won’t see fee-based budgets, billable amounts, or costs, though!

You can find more details on what regular users will see based on a project’s budget type here.

Project Managers – Basic Permissions

You can make someone a project manager from Team by clicking on their name, clicking Edit Profile, and changing their permissions from the Basic Info tab. You can also update a person’s Project Manager status on individual projects. For projects they manage, project managers can:

  • Approve hours and expenses.
  • View reports.
  • View the Project Analysis page for that Project.
  • Edit select project details, including hourly budgets, tasks, and people.
    • Note: They cannot edit fee-based budgets, invoice methods, or hourly rates. They must have View Rates permissions to do this.
  • Archive or delete, and restore projects.

If a person is added to new projects by default, giving them project manager permissions on any project will give them those permissions on all new projects you create. If they’re not added to new projects by default, you’ll need to check the box to make them a project manager on any project.

Project Managers – Additional Permissions

From the Basic Info tab of a project manager’s Team profile, you can assign three additional individual permissions—the ability to create projects, view rates, and create invoices. From the Settings page, you can enable one additional account-wide permission—the ability to see project notes.

Note: If you initially set someone to be a project manager from a project rather than their profile in the Team section, they will have only the basic project manager permissions. To enable the additional permissions described here, you need to update the person’s profile**.

Create Projects

Project managers with this permission can create projects for all clients in your account.

Project managers can only create projects with hourly budgets (not fee-based budgets), unless they have the View Rates permission.

In addition to this, they cannot set invoice methods or hourly rates unless they have the View Rates permission.

View Billable Rates and Amount

Project managers with this permission will be able to see and edit invoice methods and billable rates on all projects they manage. Project managers with this permission will also be able to view your budget information for both hourly and fee-based budgets.

They cannot see or export cost rates. Only administrators can access cost-related information.

Create Invoices

Project managers with this permission can create free-form invoices and invoices based on hours and expenses only for projects they manage. (Note: Project managers cannot create estimates even if this permission is turned on.) Project managers only see Invoices > Overview. They do not see Invoices > Report, Recurring, Retainer, or Configure.

Project managers can only view invoices they’ve created, and they can edit an invoice up until it is sent by an admin to the client. Once an admin sends an invoice, it will no longer appear in the project manager’s account.

When project managers are viewing a draft of an invoice, they can:

  • Edit the invoice up until it is sent to a client by an admin.
  • Create a PDF.
  • Print the invoice.
  • Duplicate the invoice.

They cannot:

  • Send an invoice to a client.
  • Record payment for an invoice.
  • Delete an invoice.
  • Draw from a retainer.
  • Mark an invoice as sent.
  • Create a recurring invoice.
  • Edit a client’s information from the invoice.
  • Access any invoices after they’ve been sent.

See Project Notes

  1. Click Settings (upper right corner).
    • Only administrators can view and change Account Settings.
  2. Click Edit Preferences.
  3. Scroll to Show Project Notes and select Administrators and project managers.

Once this setting is enabled, all project managers will be able to see the project notes for any project they’re assigned to manage.


An administrator can do anything in the account, including:

  • Approve hours.
  • Edit all projects.
  • Edit another user’s timesheets.
  • See all reports.
  • Create and send invoices to all clients.
  • Create, send, and view estimates.
  • Mark hours as invoiced or uninvoiced.
  • Change all company settings, including billing method.
  • See and edit cost rates.

If you are an administrator who is not seeing every section of Harvest, make sure you’ve enabled all modules.

More on Timesheet Approval

Administrators receive an email when a timesheet is approved. You can turn this setting off by going to Settings (upper right corner), clicking Edit Preferences, and changing the setting for Approval Confirmation. If that is off, all administrators will stop receiving approved timesheet notifications.