Add funds to an existing retainer, archive retainers with a remaining balance, or add more retainer funds to an existing invoice.

How to Add Funds to an Existing Retainer

  1. Go to Invoices > Retainers.
  2. Click the retainer to which you want to add funds.
  3. On the retainer page, click + Add Funds.
  4. Create a free-form invoice for the amount you’d like to add to the retainer.
  5. Save the invoice, and send it to the client.
  6. Record Payment for the invoice when it’s received. If you click View Retainer Details at the top of the invoice, you’ll see that the new funds have been added to the retainer.

How to Archive a Retainer with a Balance

  1. Go to Invoices > Retainers, and open the retainer you need to close.
  2. Click + Add Funds.
  3. Generate a dummy invoice for the negative amount of the balance of the retainer.
    • Ex. If the retainer balance is $100, generate a retainer invoice for -$100.
  4. Save the invoice, and mark it as paid from Record Payment.
  5. Select View Retainer Details at the top left of the invoice to open the retainer.
  6. Click Archive.

If you’d like those funds to show up in future invoice and payments received reports, simply create a new, free-form, regular invoice for that amount and mark it as paid.

How to Apply More Retainer Funds to an Existing Invoice

When you edit and re-save an invoice that already pulls from a retainer, we’ll check to see if more retainer funds can be applied.

  1. Go to Invoices and click on the invoice.
  2. Click Edit Invoice, then Update Invoice.

Note: There’s no need to actually change anything when editing the invoice. Also, this only applies to invoices that pulled funds from a retainer when they were initially created.