Customize company information, upload a logo, and set up values, translations, and messages under Invoices > Configure and Estimates > Configure.

Company Information

Information in Invoices > Configure > Company information will automatically share with Estimates > Configure > Company Information. From either, you can:

  • Enter your company name and address the way they should appear on your invoices and estimates.
  • Customize from which email address your invoices and estimates are sent by updating the Send Message As setting.

Default Values

Information for taxes only is shared between Invoices > Configure and Estimates > Configure for Default Values. Invoice and estimate subject and notes need to be set separately.

  • Taxes – You can enter a first and second tax to be applied to your invoices, and you can choose either simple or compound tax under Taxation Mode.

There are also some invoice-specific settings under Invoices > Configure > Default Values.

  • You can turn on Time Rounding and round incrementally up to or to the nearest 6, 15, or 30 minutes.
  • You can set a default due date to be applied to all invoices.


Information in Invoices > Configure > Appearance will automatically share with Estimates > Configure > Appearance. From either, you can:

  • Upload a logo by clicking the Choose File button and selecting your logo file. You can replace your logo by clicking Choose File again and selecting your new logo file. Logos can be removed at any time by clicking Remove Logo, then confirming. Note that the option to add a logo to an invoice isn’t available if you’re using our free plan.
  • Turn on the Snail-Mail Friendly setting so the recipient’s address will appear in an envelope window.
  • Hide Columns so that the Type, Quantity, or Unit Prices columns do not show on your invoices and estimates.

Messages, Translations, and Categories

Information is not shared between Invoices > Configure and Estimates > Configure for these sections.

Invoice and Estimate Messages and Thank yous

You can customize messages that will go out when an invoice or estimate is sent, and a thank you message that you can send once an invoice is paid under Invoices > Configure > Messages or Estimates > Configure > Messages.

Invoice Reminders

You can set up a reminder to be sent whenever an invoice is late. To set up these reminders:

  1. Go to Invoices > Configure > Messages and scroll to Reminder Message.
  2. Check the box next to Reminder Schedule and select how often you want the reminder to send.
    • If you choose to send reminders when the invoice is 3 days late and every 7 days after, that means you are sending the second reminder 7 days after the first. Ex. If you the invoice is late on the 1st of the month, the first reminder will go out on the 4th, and the second will go out on the 11th.
  3. Customize your message as needed and Save.

Note that once the default reminder settings are enabled, they’ll only affect invoices that become late after they’ve been enabled. They won’t apply to existing invoices that were already late when the reminder settings were set up.

If you need to change how often a reminder is sent on a case-by-case basis, you can click into any sent invoice and edit the invoice reminder.

Translations and Item Types

  • Customize labels for your invoices and estimates under Invoices > Configure > Translations or Estimates > Configure > Translations.
  • Customize Item Types that appear in the Type menu on an invoice or estimate from Invoices > Configure > Item Types or Estimates > Configure > Item Types.