You can track time to your to-dos in Basecamp 3 and Basecamp 2 using the Harvest Chrome Extension.

This video shows how the integration works in Basecamp 2.

Downloading the Chrome Extension

  1. Open up the Chrome web browser, or download it here.
  2. Download the Harvest Chrome Extension.

Using the Basecamp 3 and Basecamp 2 Integrations

Setting up your projects

Once you have your projects set up in Basecamp, you’ll also need to add them to your Harvest account under Projects. Once you’ve entered your projects in both apps, then you can begin tracking time to Harvest from within Basecamp.

Tracking Time in Basecamp 3 and Basecamp 2

Once the Extension is linked to Harvest, you can track time on any to-do:

  1. Click a timer icon.
  2. A timer window will open up. Choose a project and task.
  3. Click Start Timer or add a duration of time and Save.
  4. To stop a timer, click the running timer icon again (it will have turned blue). The timer window will open, and you can click Stop Timer.


Do Harvest projects/tasks and Basecamp projects/to-dos sync?

No, you’ll have to manually set up projects and tasks/to-dos in both Harvest and Basecamp. You can check out the third-party app Zapier to automate this.

Once you track time to a to-do in Basecamp, Harvest will remember the project and task that you tracked time to, and you’ll never have to select them again!