With G Suite, you can sign in to Harvest and our associated apps with your G Suite credentials. You can also import users, and export data to Google Drive.

Getting Started with Harvest’s G Suite Integration

You can sign up for Harvest through G Suite or set up G Suite as an existing Harvest customer. In order to set up the integration:

  • You must be a G Suite Super Admin.
  • You must be a Harvest Admin.
  • The Harvest Account Owner must be a G Suite Super Admin.

If you’re an existing customer:

  1. Sign in to both your Google account and your Harvest account.
  2. Go to Harvest’s page in the G Suite Marketplace.
  3. Click the blue Integrate with Google button in the top right.
  4. A permissions box appears. Agree to the terms, then click Accept. (If the box does not close automatically, just close it.)
  5. You’ll see a message that Harvest has been added. You can simply dismiss this message and launch the app later, or click Launch App or Manage App if you prefer.

You may receive a message that you must enable API access in your G Suite account. If so, just head to the Admin Console of your Google account. Under Security > API Reference make sure that you check the box to Enable API Access.

Of course, users that aren’t on your G Suite domain will still be able to use Harvest. They’ll just need their email address and Harvest password to log in!

Signing In with Google

To sign in with your Google account, just click the Sign In with Google button on your Harvest sign-in screen. If you’d prefer to sign in with your email and Harvest password, and your account doesn’t enforce signing in with Google, click the Sign In with Email/Password link at the bottom.

Require Signing In with Google

You can require that your team signs into Harvest using their Google account. To require signing in using Google:

  1. Sign in to Harvest with your Google account.
  2. Go to Settings in the top right.
  3. Click Edit Preferences.
  4. In the Sign In Security section, select Require Sign In with Google.
  5. Click Update Info.

Upon making that change, anyone who isn’t currently signed in using their Google account will be signed out and required to sign in using Google. An email will also be sent to everyone on your account letting them know that they’re now required to sign in using their Google account.

If anyone on your team uses an email that’s not connected to a Google account, they won’t be able to sign into Harvest. In order for them to sign in, their email in Harvest can be changed to an email address with a Google account.

Importing Users from G Suites

Once you set up the integration, you’ll see a new option under Team. Click the green Import from Google button to import the users you’ve already added to your G Suite domain.

On the next screen, you’ll see a list of users that can be imported into Harvest. Select the users you’d like to add, then click the import button on the right side of the screen. Note that you’ll only be able to import as many users as your plan allows. You can add users to your plan from the Billing Information section of Settings (upper right corner of your Harvest account).

Exporting Reports to Google Drive

You can export a Time Report or Detailed Time Report directly to Google Drive as a spreadsheet. When viewing the report, just click the Export drop-down menu in the top right and select to export to Google Drive. You’ll see a new spreadsheet in the My Drive section of your Google Drive.