What you need to know about invoicing your clients.

Tracking time in Harvest is simple and easy, but the ultimate point of doing that is to get paid, right? In this section, we’ll show you how to invoice for Time & Materials and Fixed Fee projects in Harvest.

Invoicing for a Time & Materials project

To create an invoice, first go to Invoices and click New Invoice. Select your client and choose to create an invoice based on tracked time and expenses. Click Next Step.

New Invoice

After selecting the relevant project(s) and the date range of hours you need to include, you’ll choose which Invoice Type you’d like to use for grouping individual line items. If the Invoice Type doesn’t match the hourly rate of your project, we’ll calculate an effective hourly rate to use as the Unit Price for each line item. Alternatively, you can select Detailed line items to display one line item per time entry.

Hourly Rate on Project: Hourly Rate on Project

Invoice Type on Invoice: Invoice Type on Invoice

Only time entries that were tracked to billable tasks will be pulled into your invoice. You can manage whether your tasks are billable on the project’s settings page. Only billable expenses can be included as well.

Rates must be entered on your project in order to calculate your billable totals. Your rates will show up in the Unit Price column on your invoice.

Billable Rates on Project: Team Billable Rates

Billable Rate on Invoice: billable rate on invoice

You can edit any of the line items that were pulled into your invoice or reorder the rows. You can also add line items or change which project a line item is linked to. Note that editing or deleting an invoice line item won’t change how much of the project budget is burned. More information on editing invoices can be found here.

Invoicing for a Fixed Fee project

We recommend invoicing for a Fixed Fee project from the project’s analysis page. To do that, head to Projects and click on the project you’d like to invoice. Below the graph, in the Uninvoiced Amount box, click the New invoice link.

New Fixed Fee Invoice

You’ll be dropped into an invoice where we’ve pre-filled some information for you, including which client the invoice is for, the project name as the subject line of the invoice, and your uninvoiced amount as your Unit Price.

Edit Fixed Fee Invoice

You can find more detailed information on invoicing for Fixed Fee projects here.

Looking to customize your invoices?

Head over to Invoices > Configure. Here you can edit your company information, contact email, logo, invoice field labels, and more.

Want to get paid faster?

Harvest integrates with Stripe and PayPal so that customers can pay you directly from your invoice online with a credit card. You can set these up from Invoices > Configure > Online Payment. If you need help deciding which to use, here’s an overview of each.

You’ve now set up your Harvest account!

From here, you can continue to track time, invoice, and add projects, clients, and co-workers to Harvest. Don’t worry about being locked in to your settings—you can change them whenever you need to! If you need more help, you can get to our Help/FAQ or Contact Us form from your Welcome page in Harvest.

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