What is sample data?

Sample data is fake data that can be added to a trial account on signup.

We know that trying out a new software for your team takes time, and sample data lets you see right away what Harvest looks like and how it behaves.

When you choose to include sample data in your 30-day Harvest trial, we’ll populate your account with sample clients, client contacts, projects, people, and time and expense entries. All sample items include [SAMPLE] in the names.

How do I remove sample data from my trial account?

There are two ways to remove samples from your account:

  • We’ll automatically remove your trial’s sample data when you convert your trial to a paid or free plan.
  • You can click the Remove Samples link in the banner at the top of your account at any time. With this option, you’ll have the chance to review the data that will be removed before confirming.

When I remove sample data, what will be removed?

We’ll remove:

  • Sample clients, contacts, projects, and people. These will be removed even if you’ve edited them during your trial.
  • All time and expense entries related to sample clients, projects, and people.
  • All invoices and estimates associated with sample clients.
  • Custom data that’s dependent on samples. For example, if you created a custom project for a sample client, we’ll remove the project you created.

To see a list of data that’ll be removed, click the Remove Samples link in the banner at the top of your account. A dialog will open where you can click See what’ll be removed to reveal a list.

Can I convert to a paid plan without removing sample data from my account?

No. We’ll automatically delete all sample data from your account when you convert to a paid plan or free plan. If you want to keep samples in your account—for example, to demo Harvest to your team—get in touch with us using the button below, and we can extend your trial for a short time.