When you sign in to the application, you’ll see your timesheet for the day with the weekly summary bar along the top of your screen. The weekly summary bar will show you the daily totals for the entire week. From this initial view, you can navigate to different days:

  • To switch days, simply tap the day you’d like to enter time on or swipe left or right in your timesheet.
  • To move between weeks, swipe left or right in the weekly summary bar.
  • To choose a specific date, tap the more actions icon (three dots), then select Change Date.
  • To jump back to today’s date, tap the calendar icon.
  • To view your Time Summary, click the i icon (upper right). From there you can see the total number of hours you’ve tracked today, yesterday, this week, and this month.

Entering Time

When you sign in to the application, you’ll see your timesheet for the day. To add a new time entry:

  1. Tap the green plus sign (bottom right corner). If this is your first time entry for the day, you can also tap Add New Entry in the middle of your screen.
  2. From the Choose Project screen, select a project by scrolling through the list of active projects or by entering the desired project name in the search bar.
    • If you’re an Admin, or if you’re a Project Manager with create project permissions, you can create a new project by tapping the plus sign.
  3. From the Choose Task screen, select the task you want to track time to.
    • If you’re an Admin or a Project Manager, you can add a new task by tapping the plus sign.
  4. If the project and task pair that you’re tracking time to is one you frequently use, you can tap the star icon to add the pair to your list of Favorites.
  5. If you’d like, enter notes into the Notes (optional) field.
  6. Enter a Duration or Start and End times (depending on your company settings) and tap Save (upper right corner), or tap Start to start a timer.

Note: If you’ve started a timer, that time entry will be highlighted in blue to indicate that it’s running. To stop your timer, simply tap the blue stop button. To restart your timer, tap the play button.

If you’re using our Favorites feature:

  1. Tap the green plus sign (bottom right corner).
  2. A list of Favorites will appear at the bottom of your screen.
  3. To start a timer, tap the play button next to your favorited project/task pair, or, select the pair to add a Duration or Start and End times.
  4. If you need to track time to a project and task not on your Favorites list, simply tap More Projects.

Editing and Deleting Time

  1. Tap the entry you need to change.
  2. Select any field to edit it.
  3. Tap Update (upper right corner) to save your changes.
  4. To delete an entry, simply tap Delete Time Entry at the bottom of the Edit Time Entry screen. You can also delete an entry by holding it down, then selecting Delete.