The following is a collection of apps that our users have created for use with Harvest. If you’d like to add your app, contact us!

Creation Creator Description Requirements
Alfred workflow for Harvest Neil Renicker Toggle, start, add notes to and visit your Harvest account from Alfred. Mac OS, Alfred
Check For Running Timer Matt Henderson Script to check if you have a running timer. Mac OS, Keyboard Maestro
Copy Harvest Timesheet Matt Stein A simple PHP script to duplicate the last timesheet via API. Run this from Alfred instead of logging in and clicking the “copy over all entries” link. PHP, Alfred
Custom Reports, emailed to you Tim Loudon Grab select up-to-date project data (from both /people and /projects), summarize the information, and send out an email. Store our projects and users in local YAML files. Ruby
getwheat Harvest API Library Christopher Smith The getwheat Harvest Library is a Java library that makes interfacing with the Harvest Timetracking and Reporting APIs more enjoyable. Java
GitHub Time Tracking and Invoicing Integration Klokan Add time tracking to the GitHub Issue Tracker with Harvest Platform. Chrome
Hamster to Harvest Olivier Lange Migrate Hamster time tracking entries, in XML format, to the Harvest time tracking web service, in CSV format  
Harvest.el Kosta Harlan Harvest integration with Emacs via Helm Emacs
Harvest Lann Martin and Brian Glass Python API for the Harvest API. Python
Harvest4Clients Jeroen Kenters A client area using your Harvest account. PHP
Harvest Chrome Extension with Added Jira Support Newism Augments the extension originally created by Harvest to add limited Jira support for Rapid Boards and Issues. Chrome
Harvest Google Calendar Jonathan Bunde-Pedersen This is a tool for harvesting information from Google Calendar into the Harvest time tracking system. Node.js
Harvest for Salesforce Joe Ferraro Native integration with the Harvest API. Features Harvest Clients, Contacts, Projects, Tasks integration with Salesforce Accounts, Contact, Opportunities, Projects, and Users. Apex
Harvest Service for .Net Simon Jackson A .Net wrapper for Harvest API. C#
HCL Zack Hobson Command-line tool for manipulating Harvest timesheets.  
Invision Enterprise Infinite Red, Inc. User script to add Harvest time tracking to Invision Enterprise workflow pages.  
OmniAuth Harvest Core Web Design Harvest OAuth2 Strategy for OmniAuth 1.0. Ruby
Opauth Harvest Timm Stokke Harvest OAuth2 Strategy for Opauth 0.4. PHP
Reap Jake Basile A simple and clear command line interface and python library for Harvest. Python
Sickle Michael A. Vickers A Google Chrome extension which adds keyboard commands to the Harvest time tracking web application Chrome
Tick tock Philip Arndt Connects to Harvest and finds out how many hours a user has logged for the current semi-monthly period. Alternatively, you can see how many hours the user has logged in the past year that remain uninvoiced. Ruby
TimeTracker Aurora A PyGTK application for tracking time from your Linux desktop.  
Post Commit Hook John Hobbs A simple Python script to add your commit message to your most recent timer notes. Python
Sow Lawrence Vanderpool A command line tool for adding and editing your own entries into your time sheet. Python
onetime-cli Mo Valipour A command line interface to manage harvest and target-process (and integrate times) in one place. Node.js
Harvest-Languages Orestes Carracedo Simple multi-language support for Harvest invoices. Chrome
Harvest-Client John Curd Java client for the Harvest API. Java